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Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Melbourne MEL – Santiago SCL, Chile

LA804 (Codeshare with Qantas QF5027)

Sunday 24 November, 2019

Departure Time: 1325 | Arrival Time: 1205

Business Class: Seat 4L

Flight Time: 12h40m

Check in MEL: I arrived at the Business Class check-in counter 2h prior to departure. There was no queue, however there were passengers from Economy, using the Business Class/Premium Line, which was frustrating for the check-in staff, as they kept apologising and thanking us for our patience.

There were two staff looking after the Business and Premium check-in. Once checked in, I asked if there was a lounge that we could use prior to flight and the Qantas Business Lounge was available for us.

Business Class Cabin: Boarding the plan, you walk into the split Business Class cabin. Rows 1 – 3 are in the forward section with Rows 4 & 5 are past the emergency exit row. Seats 3A and 3L have no windows next to you, but a forward window is available.

A mattress protector, quilt and pillow are all available on my seat on arrival. The pillow is comfortable and squarer than long, but does the trick. My seat is a lie flat bed with the extra room in front for my feet, which is great, as I am 180cm (6’ in the old scale). Water is tucked away in the side of my seat and my amenity pack is next to it… so I am already to go.

Amenity Pack: L’Occitane amenities, with hand cream and lip balm and Colgate toothpaste and brush are in a nice size black and white strip case. I do love a good and useful amenity pack, as I re-use them for cables / adaptors / power banks etc., so this one will be very handy as it is a bigger size than most.

Service: We get the usual nuts and pre-flight drink – I was offered water, or champagne and asked for sparkling, which was delivered quickly. The crew are all Spanish, but English was no problem, and nothing was lost in translation. The pre flight emergency video, was very slick & cool, not quite the Air New Zealand production, but still good and attention grabbing that I wanted to see the end. The video is with both Spanish and English at the same time, not like some where you have to listen to the whole briefing twice. This was efficient and effective.

Meal Service: Lunch and Snack. The menu is titled “Flavours of Latin America” with food prepared by recognized chef Pamela Fidalgo and Felipe Gutierrez. The menu has been prepared with pair wines. Starter is Duck with Tarragon Salad, followed by a choice of three main dishes; Slow cooked short ribs or Ravioli or Smoked Trout. I opted for the Smoked Trout. Dessert is the option of Passionfruit pudding, chocolate fudge, cheese or premium ice cream. I chose the cheese.

Paired wines with the Smoked Trout was 2019 Albarino Reserve Garzon, Uruguay

Later during the flight is a snack with Antipasto, Quiche and Dessert.

Aircraft: Boeing 787-800 Dreamliner. I like the Dreamliner with the large windows, high ceiling, wide seats and quieter experience. Noise cancelling headphones are supplied, but have my own Bose head set that I love and can sleep in. The food tray is a good size and stable, as I can use as a desk for my laptop and also still have room for drinks and a tablet to watch a movie if need be.

Entertainment: While the screen is not large, it has a matt finish, so there is no glare. A limited but good mix of new release movies, all in either Spanish, Portuguese or English and you can choose with sub tiles if need be.

Although a day time flight, they quickly serve lunch, so you can settle down and get onto Chilean time. As I travel regularly, I am a big fan of the app – Timeshifter. I enter all my flights for the trip with all the connections / dates / return flight, and it gives you a plan of when to sleep, have caffeine, get light etc., It really does help getting onto your destination time as quickly as possible. So, on this flight, I will stay awake until around 4.00pm, then settle down to sleep/rest for seven hours. A restful sleep was had by all, with a very quiet cabin.

I highly recommend this service from Australia to Chile, as you arrive at lunchtime, and can get your body clock back in check with easy.

Rhonda Norman was a paying passenger on this flight.

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