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If we talk about how an event management team can make you look good to your client, well, your AV (Audio Visual) supplier will make you look extraordinary. YES, everyone needs one for every event, and I would not run an event without one. Your TD (Technical Director) is your best friend and your right hand. You need to be in sync with them and trust them explicitly.

I was very lucky a few years ago to be given a new contact to work with, so I am paying it forward and sharing the love, giving you some of my most trusted suppliers. The key to every relationship is communication, and never more so with your AV Team. They need to know everything, so they can orchestrate your event from start to finish… think of them as the conductor in an orchestra, shaping emotion, visual feasts, technology and amazing ambience. They truly are masters.

Second Sunday (Worldwide)

Whether it’s a live event or a product launch, there is nothing too big or too small for these guys. TV Production, live streaming, stage and set builds are where they excel. I have worked with the team from small launches that were live streamed, filmed and produced, to seeing them deliver live sport and entertainment roadshows across the country. If you want out of the box, extraordinary… then call the boys for the chat.

SceneChange (National)

I learnt along time ago, that working with a national supplier, certainly pays dividends. You have one point of contact, who understands you and your business, and has history with you and knows how you work. This is what I get from the Team at SceneChange. It does not matter what state I work in, the team I get to work with, is calm, helpful, patient and a delight to work alongside.

Ultra Vision & Audio (National)

I work with a lot of small, independent freelance contractors. Don’t be put off, by a small team or an individual that does not seem to have a big presence online, showcasing what they do. These are the types of guys you want to work with, small, dedicated, specialists who have passion, and are usually the most connected people in the industry for resources – both talent and equipment.

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